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January Readings

I’ve decided to start recording my readings on this blog as a way to finish processing what I read, and as a way to share good books. I’ve gotten lots of good book recommendations from other blogs, so I decided … Continue reading

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To You, Dear

I took Elias to story time at the library yesterday. I saw a husband and wife interacting. It saddened me because there was such disrespect present. Of course I don’t know anything about them except for that one quick snapshot. … Continue reading

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In Which I Choose to See Beauty

I look out the window toward the wetlands and see it: a big spider web. Normally I detest these. A spider web means one thing….there is a spider around somewhere. I am tempted to destroy it, knock it down. If … Continue reading

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Water is Life

I’ve been growing more and more passionate about the issue of water around the world…the fact that so many people do not have access to safe drinking water…the fact that women and children have to walk miles each day just … Continue reading

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A lot to be thankful for…

I have so much to be thankful for. I’m learning that over and over again every day as I am going through this process of writing down 1000 gifts. Although…. I’ve also realized that I’ve probably already received 1000 gifts … Continue reading

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Continuing Education

As part of renewing my teaching license in Oregon, I have to have some continuing education credits. I need 9 credits in all, and have already completed 6. Even though I have quite a few years left to satisfy those … Continue reading

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Sometimes Children’s Poems Just Say It Best

I received the book of poems, “Every Thing On It” by Shel Silverstein for Christmas. As usual, some are funny, some just rhyme, some are clever, and some make you think. There is one poem that struck me as particularly … Continue reading

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A Good Example

Martin Luther King Jr. was not the only person working toward equality for all during the civil rights movement. Let’s not have any misunderstandings about that. He also was passionate about a lot more than civil rights. But I think … Continue reading

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What is the Church?

I’ve been pondering a lot lately: What is the Church? If I did a poll, I’d probably get answers like: “A place you go to worship.” or “Something Christians do on Sundays.” The first definition in the dictionary tells me … Continue reading

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Finding Joy (Gifts 201-219)

201. Loud, unrestrained laughter 202. voices raising praises heavenward 203. baby babble 204. listening to M.H. talking passionately about his missions 205. a baby being baptized. 206. Elias stomping 207. Dancing together to Beatles music 208. Cuddling in the early … Continue reading

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