Some Of Our Favorite Kiddos

When I started sponsoring a little girl from Zimbabwe a little over four years ago, I had no idea where that would take me. Now, our family sponsors six kiddos across the globe, and I am a volunteer child ambassador for World Vision, trying to match kids around the world with sponsors in the U.S. I’ve learned a lot in the last four and a half years, and I can honestly say that the experience has changed my perspective on the world and on how I want to raise my children.

Now that Elias is four, he is really starting to show a more active interest in who these kids are that I talk about all the time. He wants to see their homes on our world map. He wants to know how old they are. He wants to know what they like to do. I pray for these kiddos every day, and Elias prays for them many days as well. I want him to have a worldly perspective, to feel compassion, to see how lucky he is, and to learn from these kids that we are getting to know through letters.

P1200969I decided that these kiddos need a more prominent place in our home so that we can think of them even more often. I saw a whiteboard for sale at Costco for only $19.99 and picked it up. My husband hung it last weekend, and now every time I walk through my kitchen I can think of our sponsored kiddos, and so can my children. Each time we receive a letter, I’ll post the new on on the board, and the old one can go in the binders where I keep all of the correspondence we receive. It’s been really great so far, and already opened up a lot of conversations with Elias.

If you’d like to sponsor a child today, you can go here:

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