Water is Life

I’ve been growing more and more passionate about the issue of water around the world…the fact that so many people do not have access to safe drinking water…the fact that women and children have to walk miles each day just to have enough water to survive instead of going to school or helping to pull their families out of poverty….the fact that even after all the hard work, sometimes the water is not safe, and children die from diarrhea or something else related.

Did you know $1 can provide safe drinking water for one person for a whole year? I didn’t until a few months ago. I was amazed. $1 is so cheap. It’s less than one cup of coffee…and it provides water for a whole year. Imagine what $20 could do…or $100.

I’ve been looking for ways to make a difference. I want to do my part to help provide access to safe water for everyone in this world. I’ve found two great ways to help.

1. 40 Days of water through the blood:water mission. During lent this year, many people will probably be giving up something. It’s tradition. What if you could make a difference in people’s lives while you did your lenten fast? That’s what 40 days of water is all about. It’s very simple. You drink water only for the forty days of lent. (You get to have your morning coffee and other normal beverages on Sundays only) Then, you give the money you would have spent on other drinks to the blood:water mission. They build wells and provide access to clean water to people who need it in Africa.

I’ve done 40 days of water once before. It was hard to give up the other drinks I love, but when I thought about what it was for, it was worth it. It’s only 40 days. I’ve registered already to do it again for lent this year. Who wants to join me?

2. Portland water walk. I was thinking that I wanted to do a water walk. I wanted to know how it feels to carry water for miles. I wanted to be in the shoes of these women and children. I thought I’d go walk a couple miles on the Portland waterfront, carrying water, and then blog about it or something. But I did a little searching, and found the Portland Water Walk! I’m super excited about it. Mark your calendars for March 24th if you live in Portland! Now I don’t have to do it by myself. The walk (or run if you choose) is about 3 miles on the waterfront. There is no registration set up yet, but visit the link for more information, and keep checking back for the registration! Who wants to walk with me?


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