To You, Dear

I took Elias to story time at the library yesterday. I saw a husband and wife interacting. It saddened me because there was such disrespect present. Of course I don’t know anything about them except for that one quick snapshot. But, like so much else, it got me to thinking: How easy it is to take you for granted. How easy it is to blame you. How easy it is to focus on the negative. But you know what? It’s easy to see the good too. You make it easy. So I was thinking about you and praying for you this afternoon, and decided to write down some of my thoughts.

They said it would be hard…this whole marriage thing. They said that we’d have to work at our relationship. I guess in a way I see their point. But I’ve never had to work to love you. You are like my home, my resting place. You are the first one I think of when I have joy to share. You are the safe haven where I dump all my grief and sorrows. I’ve never felt judged by you…I’ve never felt self-conscious…even with my morning breath or tornado hair. I never have to worry if you will complain to your coworkers about me. I feel secure. You are an example of God’s love for me. I feel loved for who I am, not who I want to be. I feel loved by you even in the things I don’t love about myself. That is like the love of God, I think.

And I love you, too, you know. You know how I always complain about you leaving garbage in your pants pockets? Or those crumbs all over the keyboard? I do get annoyed, but I love that about you. Because it’s you. I love you because of your successes and because of your failures. I love how your interests change each week, and how you always try to do your best at work. I love how someone so sophisticated and intelligent as you also loves to get down and enjoy a good video game.

We are good partners. We move in harmony, like the song of the planets. We fit, like two pieces of the same puzzle. I can’t think of anyone better to raise our son. Watching you and Elias together fills my heart, and it overflows.

I’m not saying we don’t disagree, or trade a sharp word. But I guess what I’m saying is…. that is not what I remember day after day. I’m saying…”I’m sorry,” for taking you for granted. I’m saying…”Thank you,” for loving me. I’m saying, “I love you,” because I probably don’t say it enough.

I love you more today than the day we were married. I hope I can say that every day for the next fifty years and beyond.


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