The Things You Don’t Think Of

Parenting is hard. But not for the reasons you think….

I’m sure there may come a time when this will change (maybe the teenage years), but right now I feel like parenting is more about dealing with the things I don’t think of rather than dealing with the kiddos disobeying something I’ve already taught them.

Case in Point:

The other night we were at a potluck I had organized for all the volunteers of the food pantry at our church. Elias was sitting between his dad and a really wonderful man who just happens to be the junior warden of the church. I’m not sure what drew our attention, but both Nathan and I looked up at the same time to find Elias licking this man’s arm.


Licking someone else’s arm?

Who does that?

We’ve tried to teach our kids about boundaries and personal space, but I guess I’ve just never said, “don’t go around licking people.”

It’s amazing the things we take for granted. Kids have to learn everything, and its easy to forget that they need to be taught. Luckily, the recipient of the lick took it pretty much in stride.

We’ve talked a lot more about personal space, and licking in particular in the last couple of days since then. But I can only wonder what it is going to be next. My children are amazing. But they are human too. They will undoubtedly make mistakes again soon and I only wish I knew what they would be.

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  1. Linda says:

    I’m so sorry but I laughed out loud for at least 10 seconds when I read your post today. I kept picturing Elias licking someone’s arm and it was just so funny! I agree that you can never be prepared for every action that your children will take but my advice is to have a sense of humor and patience and you will get through just about anything.

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