Fall Decor

20150918_142453This morning Simon woke up with congestion/a runny nose. Despite being disappointed that he didn’t feel well and that I would have to deal with a sick toddler, I felt resigned that we really are entering autumn. It seems like everyone is getting colds!

With Simon feeling under the weather, and Elias being tired from his first week of pre-K, I decided to take the day pretty easy. We had our normal morning routine, but I let the boys watch a movie and rest before 20150918_142621lunch. They chose Tarzan. While the movie is pretty good, I didn’t feel like just sitting on the couch. I had the itch to be creative. I decided to make some fall decor to really bring in the new season!

I had some extra mason jars, and some fake flowers I wasn’t sure what to do with. Then I went online looking for free fall fonts, downloaded, and printed out some letters to mod podge on, and I had myself a fun project that will brighten our home!

With being pregnant and taking care of two toddlers, I haven’t had much energy to do things like this of late. I have to say it feels good, even as simple as the project was. Maybe I’ll get inspired and make something more involved next!



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