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There’s Laughter In These Walls

I haven’t talked about it much outside of my family and a few friends, but we’re moving. We’re not moving far. Just a few miles down the road. Moving comes with a lot of stress. We’ll be renting out our … Continue reading

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The Aftermath

It seems like everyone is talking about the tragedy in Connecticut these days. Mass emails. Off the cuff comments in person. Short posts on facebook trying to describe ideas that are way too big for one little “status update”. What … Continue reading

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How Much Is A Life Worth?

I’ve become increasingly worried about the food situation in West Africa as the months have past. Just last year there was a famine in the horn of Africa. Most of the world did not respond until thousands upon thousands had … Continue reading

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My Water Walk Experience

Today I walked in the Portland Walk for Water. All the money raised will go to Portland Global Initiatives, which will team up with World Vision to provide safe water for schools in Rwanda. Nathan and I got there a … Continue reading

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Portland Water Walk

Having clean, safe water be available to everyone in the world has been a concern/passion of mine for a while now. It just bewilders me why we (as in humanity in general) can’t get it together enough to help those … Continue reading

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