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One Child At A Time

Imagine with me for a moment. Ring Ring Your phone is ringing. You dig it out of your purse or your back pocket or wherever you keep it these days. You answer with a quick “hello.” Who’s on the other … Continue reading

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The Things You Don’t Think Of

Parenting is hard. But not for the reasons you think…. I’m sure there may come a time when this will change (maybe the teenage years), but right now I feel like parenting is more about dealing with the things I … Continue reading

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I Don’t Know How You Do It All

I feel like one of the number one phrases I hear these days is “I don’t know how you do it all.” My first thought when people started saying that to me was, ” me either.” Because I do do … Continue reading

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Defend Childhood

Four years ago I made the decision to start sponsoring a child through World Vision. I’m not really sure anymore how or why I chose to start sponsoring at that point in my life, and I don’t even remember how … Continue reading

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On My Own

I’ll be heading to a conference in Seattle this weekend. It’s the child ambassador conference for World Vision. When I signed up a few months ago, it seemed ages away, and I got more and more excited. Now that it … Continue reading

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