Contraception and Religion

Recently, there has been much controversy over Obama’s new policy on birth control. Basically, it would require everyone, including religious schools and hospitals to provide employees with free contraception.

Now, as someone who has previously used “the pill,” I do believe that women should be able to choose to use it…especially for reasons other than family planning. (Although…taking “the pill” is one of my greatest regrets in life to this day…but that is for another post).

But something about this policy just makes my blood boil. How can people not see the injustice in promoting the “rights” of one group by taking away the “rights” of another? I do agree that women should be able to have access to healthcare…and that may include birth control. However, I also believe that doctors, schools, and other employers should not be forced to contradict their conscience…their beliefs. It is possible to conceive while on “the pill” so handing it out could make Catholics or others against it complicit with terminating a pregnancy.

It seems to me that the problem is not that these organizations do not want to provide birth control. The problem is that women cannot afford-ably get it anywhere else. The problem is that people want a quick and easy fix to a very real problem…but in doing so they are causing more injustice.

I don’t necessarily have a solution right now. Perhaps after more thought I will have one to propose…but in the mean time, let’s stop targeting “the other side” as the bad guys. Women should have the right to choose…but so should Catholics/employers/everyone else.

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