One Child At A Time

Imagine with me for a moment.

Ring Ring

Your phone is ringing. You dig it out of your purse or your back pocket or wherever you keep it these days. You answer with a quick “hello.”

Who’s on the other end?

It’s God.

He tells you that you’ve been reassigned. You no longer belong to your family. You were no longer born in the United States. You are now a 9 year old girl in Bangladesh.

You are kid just like any other. You crave love and friendship. You like to play and to help out. Yet your life is so very different from the one you just left.

As a nine year old girl in Bangladesh, you have a 66% chance of being married as a child. There is a 28% chance that you will never get to attend school to learn to read and write. 5.3 million children just like you are engaged in child labor. Child labor and trafficking are prevalent. Desperation and fear overwhelm your parents, and therefore you as well. Your children will probably suffer in the same ways you do if nothing is done to help lift you out of poverty.

One day you receive a letter. It says in it that someone who has never met you…someone you never knew existed…from halfway around the world…cares about you. Someone out there wants to help you go to school and stay out of factories and brothels. Someone out there wants to write you letters and see you smile. You are now a sponsored child through World Vision.

You will exchange letters with this sponsor and get to know him or her. Slowly your desperation will turn to hope. Your fear will turn to confidence. You will go to school and get health care and be educated in child rights.

“Sponsorship is the most powerful way to fight extreme poverty and prevent exploitation. One by one by one, children grow and flourish.” (Taken from a World Vision Pamphlet)

I was lucky enough to have lunch with a friend today. She has always been interested in sponsorship, and asked me to tell her a bit more about it. She sponsored a nine year old girl from Bangladesh today. Together, they are beginning a journey of hope and love and change.

Will you change the life of one child today? Visit my sponsorship website here:

Or better yet if you are in the area, meet up with me and we can talk about it together. I have 10 children I am trying to match with sponsors!

*The idea for the phone call from God was taken from a speaker, Jeff Brown, at the Child Ambassador conference I attended a few weekends ago.

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