The Aftermath

It seems like everyone is talking about the tragedy in Connecticut these days. Mass emails. Off the cuff comments in person. Short posts on facebook trying to describe ideas that are way too big for one little “status update”.

What have I noticed? Far too many of them are trying to assign blame. Far too many of them are finger pointing. Far too many of them are angry or hurtful. I guess it is natural to go through a blaming stage during the grief process. But it saddens me that something so tragic is dividing people even more. It’s causing the hurt to spread, to mutate, to triumph.

What if we spent a few days in quiet? What if we spent a few days praying for those little children and their families…. Asking God to give them comfort or counsel or love? What if we spent a few days trying to love our neighbors before trying to “fix” anything? Certainly there is something wrong with our society which allows for events such as these. But how can angry emails and finger pointing facebook posts solve this?

When I first read about the shootings I was in shock and disbelief. Then the grief hit. But very soon after I was just glad it was not me. I was glad that my little boy was safe. Does that make me a horrible person? I’ll admit it anyway. In the midst of all that shock and grief I said a prayer of thanks to God that my son is healthy and safe. I cannot even imagine what those parents are going through.

And as the tears streamed down my face I turned and looked at my boy. “Mommy’s going to be ok,” he said.

I’ve given him lots of extra hugs and kisses these last few days. And extra snuggles at bed time. This evening as we went about our bedtime routine, it came time for snuggles. I felt his weight on my chest, and his soft skin against my lips. I felt him relax to the sound of my voice. I listened to his chest rise and fall, rhythmically, over and over. And I gave thanks to God for each breath.

I don’t know what the solution is. But in the aftermath, I’d like to spread love and gratitude rather than more hate.


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