My Gardening “Illiteracy”

Many people told us before we moved into a house that the yard is nice for the kids, but the downside is that you have to care for it. Nathan had nightmare flashbacks about mowing the lawn from when he was a kid. I have always had the antithesis of a green thumb. I have more like a black thumb…the black thumb of death. Not on purpose, mind you, but it is the case nevertheless. So we both had worries.

But since we have moved in I have felt nothing but joy about our yard, even with all the work. It doesn’t feel like work because it’s fun. But that still doesn’t change the fact that I am pretty much yard illiterate. I know nothing. Zilch. Zero. I know that we have hydrangeas. Someone told me we have rhododendrons. There is grass and some trees…but that is about it. There is so much growing in our yard, and now that it is spring things are starting to look alive.

It’s such a magical time. Such an exciting time. Each day the shoots grow a little farther out of the ground. We are starting to get buds and leaves and blossoms. The anticipation is killing me! I love watching these plants grow.

I’ve been watching these hyacinths for a couple weeks now. They are so close!

What amazes me even more is that these plants are growing all by themselves. I am not doing anything. (Maybe that’s the secret) Last month there was just dead stuff, and now there are plants that actually look…healthy. It’s a new thing for me!

But it is frustrating too. I don’t know what any of the plants are so I don’t know if I should be doing something to care for them. So…can anyone help me out? I’m sure it would be easier if they were fully grown, but does anyone know what these are?

And this….I’m tempted to think it’s a weed but I don’t know so I haven’t taken it out. There are a couple of them growing right next to the clematis vine.

Someone told me this might be an herb. Does anyone know what it is?

It will be a fun and amazing adventure learning about our yard. Some of our neighbors are helping us out too! One of them offered us two large planter boxes for growing vegetables, and he also gave us some strawberry starts. What fun!

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2 Responses to My Gardening “Illiteracy”

  1. Janet Roth says:

    The next to the last picture is, I think, a form of buttercup. Pretty enough, but pretty invasive. Then again I once bought a book on weeds at Costco ’cause I recognized several of them in my yard — a couple are treasured plants/ wildflowers. What defines a weed varies with the gardener.
    The last plant might be “herb Robert” in which case it is NOT NOT NOT a garden herb and is most definitely a terribly invasive plant. It is kind of pretty –sort of — but is NOT on my list of weeds I like. (Ok I do like dandelions – they are cheerful and in a pinch I understand that you can eat them. I also really like “Montana Ragweed” which looks like extra large batchelor buttons (which are probably a weed for some folks) — One of your neighbors or one of your parents can probably tell you for sure.
    O and watch out for “cleave” – again it has its own charm, but it sticks to every thing (not with thorns, but the tiny leaves feel a little like velcro — and it makes my hands itch — not sure if that is true for every one — and in time it has little tiny burrs that are a bother — more so if you have a dog or cat.)
    The first year in a yard is such a wonderful adventure! May it give you great joy.

  2. leah bartle says:

    The top one is Stonecrop (Sedum). They like sunny areas, they make good borders or ground cover depending on the variety you have. They bloom in the fall. I found they are pretty easy to care for. Mine is light pink and gets darker as the weather gets colder. I hope you like them. Auntie Leah

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