12 Years Together!

This morning we were running late (as usual) on our way to church. We’re not late every week, but we are running late most Sunday mornings. Usually I am just disappointed if we are late, but this morning something about it really set me on edge. I was quite frustrated. We were driving through the fog and I dropped something under my seat and could not reach it no matter how I contorted myself. I let out an audible sigh of frustration, and Elias from the back seat chimed “It’s ok Mommy. It’s a beautiful chilly morning.”

It immediately stopped me in my tracks when I heard those words in my sweet three year old’s voice. It was just the breath of fresh air I needed to see things from a better perspective. He was right. Everything really was ok. (And we even made it to Sunday School on time). Elias doesn’t concern himself with being late or being in a rush. He takes the time to appreciate a beautiful morning. As soon as I stopped to realize this, it changed my whole attitude. It changed my whole day.

I started counting my blessings rather than focusing on running late. And there were a lot of blessings to count.

The best one for today, though, is that it is the twelfth anniversary of my first date with Nathan. October 20th, 2001 we went out the the spaghetti factory for dinner and it all started….well the “official” part anyway. Now we are married with two beautiful boys.

Just for fun, I decided to get some pictures together. The first is a picture of us somewhere on or around October 26th, 2001 on the ferris wheel in Disney’s california adventure. We didn’t take a picture of ourselves on our first date, but a few days later we both went on a school trip to California and we have lots of pictures from that! (I didn’t have any digital pictures so I had to be lame and take a picture of a picture…sorry) The second picture is of us this evening after 12 years together. I love you, Nathan!

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