Finally Finished!

The whole quilt...finally finished!

Well, it has been years in the making, but I finally finished my 3rd quilt! I’m very proud. I don’t actually remember exactly when I started working on it…I finished the top awhile ago and then put it away for a long time. The pattern is a variation on the “Amish Star.” The quilt is quite large. Each block is 12 inches x 12 inches. It’s funny…as I look at the quilt now I think I would have placed some of the blocks differently than I did when I actually sewed it together a couple years ago. But overall, I think I am very pleased with how it turned out.

I cut and pieced the top myself using a machine. The quilting is also done by machine, but I did not do that part myself. I want to learn some day, but as of right now, I don’t have a machine with those capabilities. As always, the binding was the most difficult for me because it takes so much patience…especially the back which is done by hand!

A close up of one of the blocks. A variation on the "amish star"

I finished the final stitches of the binding on Friday evening. (Just in time!) I gave this quilt to my mother-in-law as a Mother’s Day Gift. Hopefully it will get lots of use. It feels good to finish a project that has been so long in the making. It’s one I’ve loved working on. It also feels good to know it went to a loving home.

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