Special Moments

What makes a moment special? What makes one memorable? All I know is that there was one moment today I hope I never forget.

Elias had woken up from his nap, and I had lifted him out of the crib into my arms. He had babbled at me, and leaned into my body for a hug. I kissed him about ten times on the cheek, and carried him out to the living room area. We sat on the couch, he was on my lap facing me. The sunlight streamed through the window…actually giving off warmth on this winter day. The dust particles swirled around us, and the angle of the sun illuminated Elias’ hair so that it shone a special tint of red. He had major bed head. The back was all sticking up and out at strange curls and angles. His cheek was still pink and warm from where he had laid on it.

There was nothing extraordinary that he did or said. Nothing that would make it “special” to someone else. I just all of a sudden felt like I never wanted to forget that moment. I felt so blessed by my little boy, and started to study and memorize as many details as I could. I looked at the curl of his eyelashes, and the curve of his nose. The slight crookedness of his teeth, and the way he squinted when he turned into the sun. The feel of his skin against mine when we rubbed noses, and the weight of his body on my lap.

What makes a special moment? Maybe we can make our own.

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