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On My Own

I’ll be heading to a conference in Seattle this weekend. It’s the child ambassador conference for World Vision. When I signed up a few months ago, it seemed ages away, and I got more and more excited. Now that it … Continue reading

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Sometimes I get frustrated with how quickly my house gets messy living with three boys. (Well…two boys and one man). What is it about making a mess that is so fun? I’m sure I made messes as a child. In … Continue reading

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The Work of Our Future

This weekend I wrapped up my five weeks of working outside the home. Every summer for the last eight summers, I have been a teacher for the AASK (Aardvarks Advocate Skills and Knowledge) program which is a partnership between Oregon … Continue reading

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The Power of a Hand Written Letter

A few weeks ago, we had a feline visitor in our backyard. At first he was pretty skittish, and was hiding in our bushes. Then he got a bit more brave and came up to our back sliding door a … Continue reading

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Our Bit of Earth

I never imagined how relaxing working in the yard could be. I pulled a lot of weeds this evening after dinner. I did get a little tired of squatting by the end. But for the most part it was just … Continue reading

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My Gardening “Illiteracy”

Many people told us before we moved into a house that the yard is nice for the kids, but the downside is that you have to care for it. Nathan had nightmare flashbacks about mowing the lawn from when he … Continue reading

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Hand Made Advent Calendar #2

Last year I made an advent calendar for Elias out of felt. While I was finishing it, I was massively pregnant with our second son. It was during that time about a year ago that I came up with the … Continue reading

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There’s Laughter In These Walls

I haven’t talked about it much outside of my family and a few friends, but we’re moving. We’re not moving far. Just a few miles down the road. Moving comes with a lot of stress. We’ll be renting out our … Continue reading

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What’s It Like Having Kids?

Every time one of our boys does something incredibly cute or a bit crazy, my husband turns to me and says, “What’s it like having kids?” It’s just one of those sayings that doesn’t really mean what it means, and … Continue reading

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12 Years Together!

This morning we were running late (as usual) on our way to church. We’re not late every week, but we are running late most Sunday mornings. Usually I am just disappointed if we are late, but this morning something about … Continue reading

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