Continuing Education

As part of renewing my teaching license in Oregon, I have to have some continuing education credits. I need 9 credits in all, and have already completed 6. Even though I have quite a few years left to satisfy those last three credits, I’ve decided that I better just get it finished now. I’ll probably always be busy now that I have a child…right? Doesn’t everyone say that I’ll only get busier?

There is a distance course provider teamed up with PSU called TINT. I can take courses from the comfort of my own home, and complete assignments at my own pace….and get graduate credit from PSU. Perfect! I completed one class from TINT a year or two ago. When I got their flyer for the winter courses, I was interested in a class called Awakening the Poet Within. It will focus on how to use poetry to teach the essential tools of writing as well as a number of other aspects.

I am quite excited about the course, and I hope that I’ll be able to use what I learn while teaching summer school in a few months.

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